WWII Veteran Awarded Belgian Medal

(AUGUST 2013) - A Battle of the Bulge survivor had the best birthday a 93-year-old could ask for as he was honored by Belgium with the Medal of Honor.

Tom Jacques was a dentist in the U.S Army during WWII but when the need arose, he was thrown into the position of a combat medic.

It was in this position where Tom served in the Battle of the Bulge. He went on to help the U.S and allied forces liberate Belgium after it had been occupied by Germany.

There is one condition to receive this prestigious Medal of Honor that Tom didn’t meet; the WWII veteran must return to Belgium to receive it. Due to his declining health, Tom was unable to make the trip back to Europe with 11 European-Theater veterans on Forever Young’s ‘Trip of Honor’.

Thankfully, Wes Parker, Tom’s son-in-law, went as a volunteer and was able to receive the highly-coveted award on Tom’s behalf.

Two active-duty Army soldiers presented the award to Tom as family and friends celebrated him for his service, sacrifice, and 93rd birthday.